This week

(This is from a couple of weeks ago- I was in the editing process when I went on vacation. I am back and I figure I’ll post it anyway)

Hi, I am writing again. At this moment I honestly do not have a clear idea of what I want to say but I do have some opinions on some things that happened in the news this week.

Obviously my opinions will seep out of what I end up writing on this blog, but it was never my intention to simply comment on the world with my opinions. In fact, my hope is that I am offering ideas. Either way, it’s important that my efforts are in the service of adding something useful or learning something useful.

Cool, so this week there was discussion about whether what T*ump tweeted was racist. I know that most people agree that it was racist, but there are a few people, like T*ump himself, who think it was not. He even went so far as to say that he “does not have a racist bone in his body”. AND THEN today, racist Biden said if T*ump doesn’t have a racist bone in his body “that means he has no bones”. Wow! So first off ,one of my opinions is that Biden is very bad with words. This “burn” is not funny or clever nor does it make much sense. Oof, truly an embarrassing attempt at a put down. Secondly, I am of the opinion that it is useless to even try to get T*ump or his many supporters to see this from a sane, reasonable perspective. I think the only way to deal with a person like him* is to ignore him. Sadly that is nearly impossible because of his current office. But honestly that is the only way to respond.

Now as far as this racist thing; o.k. so here is where I have some opinions, that I would prefer to call ideas. Everyone is racist in a racist society. Our views are formed through the prism of the society and the organizations in power. We live in a deeply racist society (and world), our institutions and organizations are deeply reliant and embedded in racist practices i.e. our justice system, education system, our media etc. So because we are all in some way complicit in society, in so far as we participate in our lives, we are racist. This is how I see it. Now, I also think that on an individual level people can act on racist and bigoted assumptions to an offensive, harmful, detrimental degree. So yes T*rump does and says racist, sexist, bigoted shit all day long. Everything he says is harmful, offensive, and because he is the leader* of this country, it is deeply detrimental. But let’s be clear Biden is a racist too. The fact that Bernie does not see Identity as an issue is a racist view. The fact that Elizabeth Warren did the DNA test to prove her Native American roots is racist. Do these last three people engage in bigoted and harmful language every single day? No. They are products of a racist society that views whites as supreme and all others as “other”. They may not hate the “other” but they still view them as other. And that is racist.

Things I recommend:

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