“Flawed” Characters

I read a description of the character Fleabag, in one of the many recent articles discussing the brilliance of the the show (Fleabag), she is described as “flawed”. This pisses me off ! For one, who among us isn’t flawed?! Describing someone as flawed assumes that there is some uniqueness in that. There is not. Fleabag is not unique in being flawed, not even in the show, every other character is flawed, some quite deeply so. Two; this description is harmful because it makes people believe that there might be some way to not be flawed. Perhaps if they do not behave like this character then they will not be flawed? NO! We are all flawed so it is pointless to even use that word to describe someone, fictional or not. You might as well use “human” as a descriptor. Thirdly, why is it only women are described as flawed? Don Draper was never described that way he was always the “mysterious anti-hero”. Or Tony Soprano who was always the “complicated anti-hero”. Man, fuck that! Everybody is flawed and women are also “complicated”! So fuck off!

But seriously, I want to focus on number two above. The fact that we are all flawed. As I mentioned in my last post, I was/am experiencing a lot of anxiety and I attribute some it to the fact that I was trying so hard to handle everything as flawlessly as possible. It is not possible to not fuck up every once in a while. And it’s o.k. It is especially o.k. if you were trying not to fuck up. That means your efforts were in good faith. There are so many variables in every situation especially those involving other people that no matter how hard you try something could get fucked up! That does not mean you are bad or you failed. It means you tried something! Good for you. So get out there and fuck up, you flawed, beautiful motherfucker!

Here are some things I recommend:


Bodyguard on Netflix, Vida on Starz

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