Hello, hi. I am here to write, again. I am going to start writing more regularly. This post is a statement of intent. That’s a thing, right?

Anyway, I intend to write with regularity starting now. My reasons are as follows: I have a website now and on that website I link to this blog site. And the guru, acting/marketing coach that I follow and from whom I have taken online courses, says that you should write at least once a month if you are going to link to your blog. Also I want to improve my writing skills.

My other intention for this blog is to share a little bit more of myself and my creative process. It’s strange to start out with that intention especially since my output has not necessarily been prolific but a big part of being creative is thinking about being creative. In other words, things don’t just get made they go through a long, painful, circuitous process first. I want to put some of that in this blog. My hope is that it is useful to someone reading but also I think it will help me to stay consistent. For example, I have 17 drafts in my draft folder on this site. They were all blog posts that I deemed not ready or not worthy or not right. I want to stop doing that. However, I do not intend to just dump nonsense in here. Though, I do hope some of it will be nonsense because I love nonsense. So more posting, less sitting in drafts folder never seeing the light of day.

As far as “share a little bit more of myself”, I want to do that because it is hard for me to talk about myself. By sharing my “process” I will be doing that indirectly but I also want to share about myself in a direct way. For example I am truly cringing about posting this, one of the reasons things stay in the drafts folder is because I can’t find the exact, perfect way to express what I want to say. I know there is no such thing as the perfect way to do anything but I keep waiting for the moment when I am able to express myself in a way that feels right. What I have decided is that the only way I will ever arrive at that is by writing and revealing more. So here I am!

And in the spirit of sharing about myself, I want to give recommendations for things like books, movies, t.v. shows etc. Here is the first list of recommendations:

Books(fiction)- The Friend by Sigrid Nunez, The Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante.

Books(nonfiction)- It Chooses You by Miranda July, Your Art will Save your Life by Beth Pickens, In a Day’s Work by Bernice Yeung.

Movies: Destroyer directed by Karyn Kusama, Widows directed by Steve McQueen.

Podcast: Under the Skin with Russell Brand

T.V. shows: Bodyguard on Netflix, Shrill on Hulu, Vida on Starz and Insecure on HBO (I’m guessing you’re all already watching Veep, Atlanta and Broad City right? Because those are the greatest!)

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